Wardrobe obsession: Viviana Volpicella of Vogue Nippon

I saw this photo, taken in Milan, on The Sartorialist recently and lovvved the styles these ladies were rocking (well, really ladies #2 and 3). Lady #2 looks like kind of a snooze until you scroll down to those shoes. Those shoes. Sigh. Lady #3 was my absolute fave - love the gloves! love the cheery scarf! love the bag! and swingy coat! really, love everything! - so I looked her up.

It turns out she's Viviana Volpicella, assistant to Vogue Nippon's Anna Dello Russo, and the most darling Italian woman I've seen - I mean, how many European women do you know who so often rock the cheery colors and a huge, friendly smile?

Case in point:

If I didn't know she was Italian, I would seriously think she was a true-blue Californian.

How stinking cute is she?:

(Not to mention the show-stopping shirt, but I love the fun touch of the heart-shaped glasses.)

Lurrrv the casual, rolled-up jeans with the perfect blazed and hot shoes!

There's that all-black-clad, Euro sensibility I'm used to seeing. Glad she's got a dazzling smile to brighten things up a bit...

So anyway, just thought you might like the pics. (Oh and if you see me copying her look from pic#1 verbatim, let's just pretend you never read this...)

Photos above by The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton and Garance Dore, via Habitually Chic.


  1. I LOVE that you posted that first pic. Just yesterday, I was STARING at the blue scarf/green glove combo on The Sartorialist and LOVING it. I looooove that site (but not as much as yours, of course, which I check ABOUT every 34 minutes).

  2. I was googling for Viviana's photos and found this quite old post and your blog.
    She really has an amazing style, and quite different: it seems unpopular for most of fashion "it" girls to love bright colors and actually wear them.
    nice blog.