A sticky situation

This isn't a huge problem in downtown Annapolis (where the streets are quaint old brick and not trafficked by hundreds of thousands of people), but I've always noticed how the streets of New York are basically plastered with an ever-so-lovely carpet of...used, spit-out gum. Ew.

Photo by Jonathan Player for the NYT

Nice, right? Ick.

I was reading 6th Street Design School yesterday (one of my new fave blogs, by the way) and saw this new idea for corralling gum before it hits the sidewalk. Check out the Gumnetic Bubble Gum Bin:

Gumnetic is a material created by Anna Bullus from used chewing gums and bio resin. So not only does the Bubble Gum Bin collect gum, it's also made from it. That's definitely recycling at its best. These round gumball-like bins should be put on street corners around the world - and hopefully that'd mean I'd never step in gum again.

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  1. I drunkenly spit my gum out on the street Saturday night. I feel bad now.