Flowers in your hair

I had this incredible picture in my inspiration files and it got me thinking:

Photo by Arthur Elgort for Vogue Living, via decor8's Flickr stream

Not only is that an amazing couch - tufted upholstery? nailhead trim? coral pillow? Burberry throw? Check, check, and check. I die. So good! - but also the little girl is adorable. What really appealed to me most in the photo, though, are those fun flowered caps.

Something about them is so flirty and fun, even though they're totally utilitarian (and so much better than an ugly shower cap that you get for free at a hotel):

Photo Cig Harvey, via M.A. Belle

And I think what I really love about the cute caps is that I equate them with crazy old ladies - the fun crazy, not crazy crazy kind. I hope to one day be like that: old enough not to care if people look at me funny when I go into the grocery store rocking a flowered swim cap, and happy enough with myself after all the years that I'll wear exactly what I want, regardless of whether it's a bit kooky.

A friend and me, 50 years from now? Kim's the more buxom lady on the left, and I'm the paler gal with the turquoise cap (my fave color!) on the right. :)

Would you ever wear a flowered swim/bathing cap? Do you wear what makes you happy, regardless of what other people might think? I know as I hobble out of my 20s, I'm definitely wearing things I want to wear. At least there's something good about getting old!

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  1. I LOVE this. I hope we still get to kick it when we both become the kooky old ladies that we will inevitably become. I'll rock a flowered shower cap at the grocery store witchya. :P