Stealing Bill Cosby's shnazzy shoes

People. It is 2010. What the mcguffin is up with these??:

From Pour La Victoire.

Seriously? It looks like this model is about to do the moonwalk or is currently starring in The Wiz off-off-Broadway.

I thought Fashion had really lost it with the reintroduction of leggings as pants back in 2009, but this just takes it to a whole new level. We're talking taking the Crazy-town Express to Ugly Shoeville.

To score these puppies, you'll need $218. Gold. Oxfords. For $218!

Perhaps you could pair this interesting footwear with these and just go full-on bonkers. You'd look like a gold tin-man. Hooray for fashion.

(Am I off-base here??)

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