Blogger's day off

Photo by Paul Costello

You caught me lying down on the job. Well, on the blogging side of things at least. On the housekeeping front, I've been earning an A+. Our party on Sunday was fab, and on Monday B and I took full advantage of the day off work by taking it easy alll day. Yesterday I snapped back into gear (to make up for our day of luxurious loafing) and spent the whole day cleaning like a manic to try and erase the fact that we hosted a very large red-wine-centric party. I forgot how much of a mess 25 people can make when drinking, eating and carousing. So yesterday was a fun, fun day of scrubbing carpet, toilets and other oh-so-fun activities.

Anyway, please forgive me for leaving you hanging out there in the blogosphere. I'll be back to normal starting tomorrow, I promise! Check back in later today or tomorrow morning for more, k?

(And I'll try to scrounge together some photos from the party, but unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the tables, food, etc. before everyone arrived and before things erupted into a mess of fun. Boo. And I did end up making the croquembouche [hurray!], but sadly didn't get a photo of it either. Double boo!)

p.s. Just realized that this post (above) verrry closely echoes this post from end of 2009. I think I smell a theme here - AKA we have a party and then I spend an entire day thereafter scrubbing down the house, and then post about it. Laaame. Sorry folks. (Though can we just pretend for a second that I'm a touch like Martha and somehow [derangedly] make cleaning sound semi-interesting?)

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