Clean sweep

Squeaky clean sink from who else? The Queen of Clean herself, Martha Stewart.

Good morning, lovelies! I can't believe yesterday came and went with only one post! The day flew by so fast because I was literally running around my house alllll day...cleaning. Fun, no? Ick.

After our weekend guests (the number of which unexpectedly grew from two out-of-town friends to 14 in-town friends throughout the day), the place needed some serious work. So, I got down to business and scrubbed, vacuumed, dusted, swept, and so on and so on. My end-of-twenties old body did not enjoy the manual labor.

But, the house is barely worse for the wear (I found chili and cocktail remnants in some very odd places, but luckily was able to get most of it out), and I'm back and ready to get some new posts up. So, thanks for your patience and see you back here soon with fresh stuff!

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