Things are looking up

Photo from Sanctuary Home blog.

I'm not necessarily a huge fan of the above room overall (the black is more jarring than my normal style and I'm not a huge fan of the modern-style mobile), but something kept me coming back to this image. Then I realized it was the broad yellow and white stripes on the ceiling. I absolutely love the color and fun they add to this child's room without making it too juvenile or garish.

We're renters so we can't paint our ceilings, but I'm totally into what a big impact the painted ceilings in these rooms make. Take a look:

This is another cool kids room, except the ceiling's not painted - it's wallpapered (in Osborne and Little's Firibata Star pattern). What a great idea - now the child can look up at the stars without having to plaster the ceiling with stickers. Image from Domino.

I've shown this room from Sara Story here before, but it was all about the floor last time. I also love the fun purple ceiling, which adds oomph to all the white and gray.

This sky-blue ceiling, seen on Apartment Therapy, adds interest but still keeps things serene.

Here's another photo from Apartment Therapy, where the ceiling totally makes the room. Otherwise this would just be a very white kitchen. I've never liked red so much.

Finally, the green ceiling in this Sills Huniford room draws attention up and adds a cool boho feeling to the more traditional furniture. Not my style overall, but still very cool.

So what do you think? Are you brave enough to paint one of your ceilings? If I ever have a home, I'm totally going to try this.

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