Small apartment, big style (alternately titled "Nate Berkus' sister is a lucky b!t#h")

I know a lucky girl when I see one, and Marni Golden, sister of designer Nate Berkus, is one of then. Nate did over her New York apartment for an issue of Glamour and he totally tricked it out to personalize the place and maximize space in her studio to the utmost.

I love this shot of deep peacock blue on a dresser - a huge pop among all the tan and cream. I also like the idea of draping a necklace around a lamp; it's good storage and good display!

After seeing this pic, I feel like Marni lives in the same building as my bff. I could totally be making that up (I'm pretty sure most of the studio apartments in NYC have a similar feel...as in small as all get-out), but something about the windows and wall layout looks just like Kim's...except the furnishings are obviously much more gussied up (sorry K, but you don't have Nate for a brother!). :)

I lurv the soft pink and white stripes on the wall behind the bed. Pink and gray is so girly but sophisticated. Also, pushing the sofa up against the bed is a great way to save space and separate the "zones." Can you believe she has all this stuff, but still a good amount of free space, in a studio? On a separate note, thank goodness we don't live in a studio. Yikes.

This desk area is great. Check out the necklaces on the lamp again.

By far the best NYC studio I've seen (you know, out of all four I've been in). Here's the full story with more pictures and details/tips from Nate. Enjoy! (And be grateful you live in a place with more than one room...)

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