GapKids and Stella-ella-ella

Did you know Stella McCartney has a line for GapKids? An uber-designer doing mainstream, mid-market kids' clothes? I guess it was bound to happen...I mean, Target basically pioneered that movement with their designers' series, so why not hit the kids market too (and also take a shot at Crew Cuts from J. Crew while they're at it)?

I have to say, I really wanted to hate the line. It seems really overindulgent to offer $78 cashmere sweaters to kids who probably don't care and will likely drip ketchup on said sweater post haste. But, before I could get too judge-y, I realized I actually like the stuff!

With that being said, here are some pics of the collection for your perusal:

The cute animals help, of course.

Love the boots.

People - grown women - are clamoring over this jacket and wondering if they can fit it. It's been sold out for weeks. Stella, I'd say you're doing okay.

And my fave look (because how could you not love a frothy tutu?):

Pretty good, Stella. Daddy Paul will be proud. To see more photos and shop the collection, go here.

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