Walnut holiday decorations

I kid you not, the post on Design*Sponge about making golden nuts started with "i love nut season!!"and finished with "...beware! it is very easy to get carried away and want to tie a walnut to everything!"

Kinda (unintentionally) funny, no? Okay, fine, please excuse my third-grade sense of humor.

Anyway, regardless of the millions of nut jokes I could make here (note my reserve in not titling this post with some ridiculous pun or nut reference - that took a lot of restraint!), I actually really like this project. For some reason, spray painting a walnut gold and tying it to a gift appeals to me. It's seasonally appropriate, cheap and easy. You could attach the decoration to a place setting (as shown in the photo), to a gift, on a tree, etc. I don't cook, so on a gift is the way to go for me. Here are the full how-to instructions for making these yourself; I'm totally going to do this too. So now I'm off to go find some pretty nuts. (See? It just happens! Oy.)

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