A tale of two bedspreads

Imagine that you're coming to stay in our guest room for a night or two. Welcome!

Now, would you rather stay here:

(Photo originally from Domino, RIP)
This sumptuous peacock wall color with white and black accents (and of course the vivid orange and white duvet cover) is so moody and glamorous!

Or here?

(Photo from Apartment Therapy)
This room is a bit more airy than the first, but still dramatic with the bed frame and large black-and-white photography. Recognize a certain orange duvet cover?

I know you probably wouldn't choose room #3 over the first two:

Photo by me.
Hmm, same duvet cover, very different room. That's right, this is our actual guest room, which clearly needs some work (and I know the frame above the bed is hung way too high).

Say it with me now: waah waah waah waaaahh (sounds like a game show let-down sound).

I was bowled over when I saw the top photo, where our funky Ikea bedspread looks so rich, and the second photo, where it looks so refined. I'm inspired to do something with our guest room (slash man cave...Brian is going to kill me).

So readers, which do you like better? Room 1 or room 2? Or neither? Any thoughts on which direction we should go with the guest room / man cave? If you leave me a comment, I'll keep you all posted on the decorative direction...

Until then, happy sleeping under a fun comforter!

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