Flavored water

Cucumber water from Martha Stewart

Mint water from Sunday Suppers; photo by Karen Mordechai

I saw a post about making mint water on A Cup of Jo and it reminded me of the time my domestic-diva friend Sarah made refreshing cucumber water for us to drink after our private yoga session. Wow, that last statement sounded so yuppie-ish that I almost had to go throw out all the polo shirts in my closet. Sheesh.

Anyway, Sarah is the fab kind of girl who knows how to throw together hors d'oeuvres and have them seem fancy and classy even if they're nuked, who bakes her own bread and tells you it was "totally simple" and that she'll share the recipe with you (right, as if I'm making my own bread any time soon), and who makes flavored water - I'd have thought I was being super ambitious because I remembered to refill the Brita ahead of time. :)

But she's right that making flavored water is extremely easy, and that it's a nice break from plain water sometimes. It's also very chi-chi spa, no? Sarah made cucumber water, but I like the idea of mint water, and I'm sure you could throw pretty much anything in there and it would taste very fresh. Maybe I'll give it a go for Thanksgiving dinner...

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