Nadinoo and you

I'm new to Nadinoo, a handmade collection from British designer Nadia Izruna, but I kinda like it. There is a real mix of stuff; some is a bit too kooky for me, but there are also some really lovely pieces. Here are a few of my favorites:

This outfit - tights, brights, headpiece and all - is kinda crazy...

...But this one is muuuch better.

This bell dress with back bow is the cuteness!

Aren't this skirt and blouse (made from J. Crew's fave: Liberty fabric) a flirty but still ladies-who-lunch-ish combo?

As for all the bare, go-on-forever-legs in most of the pictures, they're certainly a reminder that I need to get myself to the gym post haste and buy some self-tanner while I'm at it!

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