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Well, after the Veterans Day sentiments and the chicken-wing eating how-tos from earlier today (wow, that sounds super crazy), I need to head out and run some errands. We have to go to a birthday party this weekend, plus we'll be seeing friends who have a new baby, and there is no food in the homestead, so I think I see a Target trip coming on!

And, after my cleaning frenzy earlier this week, a serious replenishment of cleaning products is in order (and Target's got 'em cheap!). I've been thinking about what route to go with my cleaning accoutrement - I know there has been a lot of clamoring out there to switch to homemade products, but I don't see myself mixing up batches of my own cleaning solutions at this point. First of all, we don't have a laundry room, mud room, basement or utility sink in our house, so all this mixology would need to occur in our bathtub. Ick. Also, bleach makes me gag (honestly, the smell makes my throat close up) and I wouldn't even know what to do with baking soda other than stick it in my fridge. But, B and I of course want to do our part to be green, so we always try to at least buy the more organic, "green" products.

I'm a huge lover of the Method products, mostly because I'm a sucker for good packaging and theirs is awesome, but also because they have great business practices and solid stuff. Plus, the sweet water scent they have smells so good and all of their products are very non-chemical-y, so that's a bonus.

Here are a few of my favorites from Method - and no, they are not paying me or giving me free products to endorse their stuff (but if they want to, please feel free!):

I have their soap at every sink in the house. I think bars of soap are gross, so these are the perfect alternative (and cute to boot!).

This foaming soap is really cool. As the Method website says, "[this hand wash is like] those crazy spring break parties where they fill the dance floor with foam and everyone gets freaky." You can't contest with that, right?

This moisturizing hand soap is awesome. It really keeps your hands from getting dry from washing. Our Target doesn't have this almond flower scent but I bet it's good - I love almond-y smell!

These non-toxic dishwasher tablets are just as easy as the more major brands' but I swear our dishes feel and smell cleaner. Is that weird that I can tell what our dishes smell like after they're washed?

I haven't tried these dryer sheets yet, but after reading on the Method site that most dryer sheets are made with animal fat, I will definitely be switching. And yeah yeah, we could skip dryer sheets altogether, but I have a total fear and hatred of static, and dryer sheets really help with that. These Method sheets have no animal by-products, which sounds much more appealing.

So what about you? I have a friend loves Mrs. Meyers' stuff and I like Seventh Generation for laundry detergent. Any other must-have "green" cleaners?

And with that, I'm off to Tar-jay... See you back here tomorrow?

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