Song for a sunny day

Last Sunday morning (after a ridiculous night in Philly), I woke up surprisingly fine (I thought B and I would have the worst h-overs ever, but we luckily escaped that for the most part), the temps were in the 60s - don't forget, it's November people! - and my friend Val was playing this. It was such a happy song to listen to in the morning, with the windows open and the sun streaming in.

When we got back to MD, I looked it up on YouTube, and was equally excited to find that the video was pretty cool, too - it's got some nice typographical action for all you design nerds out there.

I thought I'd share this fun song and video with you all. I'm really liking it. So here ya go:

Rock on, Eric Hutchinson (consequently, I also like his song, Rock & Roll).

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