Stick it to me

You know how a few weeks ago I was saying that I want a headboard for our bed? Thanks to Kelly + Olive, I've just stumbled across an el cheapo alternative that is totally cute and totally removable (perfect for renters like us). Check out these cool Blik wall graphics headboards:

And lest you be concerned that they look cheesy, here are some examples of them being used in a really cool room (from interior decorator Vanessa De Vargas):

I might be ponying up the $40 for one of these pups sometime soon. Now which style and color? Hmm...

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  1. This site is amazing!!!! I have been looking for wall stickers and have found only cheesy butterfliess and creeping roses. Barf. Another thing I have been looking for is a cheap place to have an image printed on a giant peice of cardboard. I want to rest it on a floating shelf in my living room that cannot bear much load. Any ideas?