Holiday gift idea: gifts for cooks

After much anticipation for this movie to come out in theaters, I saw it and loved it. And, as of December 8th, it will be out on DVD. I've already put it in my Amazon shopping cart for pre-sale - I'm thinking it will be a great holiday gift for my grandmother. (Side note: Mom, has she seen this yet?)

This DVD, coupled with Julia's memoir, My Life in France (which I haven't read, but I hear it's supposed to be really good), would make a great gift for any chef or food-lover you know, don't you think? With Amazon's usually free shipping, we're talking only 21 bucks ($9.99 for the DVD + $10.80 for the paperback book) - that's super cheap for what I think seems like a really good gift. Heck, at that cost, you could throw in a cute apron and a wooden spoon, and have yourself an awesome cooking-themed gift.

And full disclosure (based on the new FCC rules): I was not paid or bribed by Amazon, the maker of this movie, Julia Child, or anyone else to endorse these items. But, I am happy to take payment or bribes of any type at any time, so leave me a comment or email me if you want in! :)

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