Lulu Frost Plaza jewelry

I just recently came across Lulu Frost's jewelry and loved the unique styles. After seeing the jewelry on its own, I came across this post from Delight by Design where Blair put together pitch-perfect outfits to accompany various Lulu Frost pieces. The casual outfit above is my favorite for its boho-luxe look, but the following three are gorgeous too:

These two outfits are super chic and perfect for the upcoming holidays:

I could see this one working at the office (pared down a bit) and then transitioning for night.

This look is more preppy weekender:

The vintage-y bracelet shown is from the Plaza collection - the number is actually an old room number which came from the famous Plaza Hotel in NY before it was renovated. Lulu repurposed the room numbers and letters for bracelets, pins and necklaces. How cool is that?

Here's the article from the November issue of Real Simple:

I think the new use of the Plaza door numbers is a very cool idea and has such a classic look. And the outfits from Blair are amazing, no?

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