Happy Veterans Day

Painting by Jasper Johns

Both of my grandfathers were in the Army (hysterically, both were honorably discharged with injuries - one fell off a horse and the other took shrapnel in the butt), and I have an un-brother-in-law who is a Navy pilot, so today especially I want to recognize and honor our country's veterans. Thank you not only to our country's past soldiers, but also to the current troops, for all you have done and all you do for our country. Happy Veterans Day everyone.

Nerd fact: I wasn't sure whether to notate the holiday as Veteran's Day, Veterans' Day or Veterans Day. According to Wikipedia, although the Veteran's Day or Veterans' Day spellings are grammatically acceptable, the United States government has declared that Veterans Day (with no apostrophe), rather than the possessive cases, is the official spelling. So there you go, grammanimals. Enjoy. :)

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