Pillow poll (alternately titled "help needed on the homestead!")

I need your help. All of you. (All 4 readers of this blog...)

Our guest room is very much a work in progress. It is home to a guest bed and guest-y accoutrements (side table, tv, guest bath, etc.), as well as all of boyfriend's clothes and gear (kayaking, camping and the like), but that's another story. Anyway, in a random fit of nesting the other day, I bought a slew of pillows from Target for possible placement on the guest bed. I got way too many, thinking I'd bring them home and only keep the one or two that worked best. Well, I got them home and simply can't decide which ones I like (if any).

Let me go back a step, though: the rest of our house is very airy, simple and clean. The duvet cover in the guest room is much more bright and fanciful than the rest of the stuff in our house, though I really like the punchy orange and the pattern of it. However, with all the stuff in the guest room (ahem, boyfriend junk), I'm afraid it's going to get a bit too busy in there. Here's a pic of the guest bed with the three pillows I liked best out of the bunch I bought:

So, dear readers, I need your help. What do you think of the gray, the navy and the white pillows? Should I keep any of them? All of them? None? Any other suggestions? I'm concerned the print above the bed, plus all the varying prints of the pillows are a bit much. (Note: that print may be coming down and/or getting paired with another similar concert poster in the same white frame. At the very least, it will be moved down a few inches. Just FYI.)

Here's a close-up of the navy pillow, which I love, but am not sure if it's working:

The duvet is very busy, so I wanted some really simple or graphic pillows. I think the gray one might be a bit too similar to the print of the duvet, so I thought this navy one would be perfect, but my friend who saw it doesn't like it.

So, readers, any thoughts? Any help? Cruel or kind words? Please? Comments appreciated and much needed, so leave 'em here! Thanks everyone!


  1. I like the grey one with the similar pattern but I can't really see the white one from the photos. The blue one is not at home on that bed, maybee try another location in the home.

  2. I like them all together!! But I esp. like the grey and white ones on the bed. How about the blue one on a living room sofa if its the right shade of blue:)