Paul Smith Evian water bottles

With all this Bikram I've been doing (okay, only seven classes so far, but it feels like it's been forever, and it's seven classes in nine days!), I've been chugging water like it's my job. I've been looking for a big container to hold it - since I had to refill a standard cup, like, 10 times in a day - and I've been trying not to use plastic water bottles. The Nalgene and Sigg containers we have all get too hot in the Bikram studio, so I need something new. I want either a liter bottle of some sort or these adorable glass containers that I blogged about a while ago.

Enter the new Evian bottle by Paul Smith. The Dieline featured it and I love the vibrant colors and fun stripes. Check it out:

The five-bottle collection went up for pre-sale on Evian's website yesterday, and will be available in select stores beginning in November 2009. I want one!

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