Real World DC invades Annapolis

Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? Ours was spent celebrating our anniversary, though I thought I'd share an interesting occurrence from Friday night.

I had completely forgotten they were filming The Real World DC until Friday night when a bunch of kids walked into Sly Fox, a bar in Annapolis, with a film crew and slew of sound people (who proceeded to stand outside of the outdoor bar, half-hidden behind the fences, oddly). We later heard that the RWDC kids had been kicked out of Acme earlier in the night. They were pretty mellow at Sly Fox - we kind of forgot they were there after about 5 minutes - and if anything they just looked way young. In case you're interested, this is the house they're living in on Dupont Circle:


I wonder if I'll be on the show, in the background with my face blurred out. Woohoo! My 1.2 seconds of reality tv non-fame!

Consequently, I just found out that the Real Housewives of DC is also in production right now. Who knew? Ick.

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