Fortune tellers

Oh So Beautiful Paper featured these fold-your-own fortune tellers from Pop + Shorty and I couldn't resist sharing them. How fun would these be for a bachelorette party (as something silly to do in the cab or bar) or as party favors at a casual shindig? Pop + Shorty's online store also has lots of other great products from cards to buttons, so it's definitely a site to check out.

The P+S fortune tellers reminded me of the ones my friend Sara and I made back in April for the engagement party we threw for our friends. We made our fortune tellers out of old sailing charts to continue the nautical theme of the party. We wrote on a few of the fortune tellers, then let the guests customize the rest. Here are a few photos of our fortune tellers (or "cootie-catchers" as Sara called them in middle school):

The table where we set up the pre-made fortune tellers, along with pens to fill out the blank ones (and write in the guest book!).

The lovely Kate playing Vanna White / cootie-catcher master of ceremonies.

Very easy and surprisingly fun, too!

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