It's bananas

Photos from Mint

Oh my gosh, yum, I want to make and eat this banana amaretto cake immediately. The lovely and genius Ellie from Mint posted the recipe, how-to instructions and step-by-step pictures for it today, and I want to run out and get the ingredients immediately. Doesn't it look delish (even this pic of just the bottom layer)?:

The best bit is that it's made from a store-bought angel-food cake, so the major legwork is done for you. That means that this recipe is something even I can handle (and no need to watch the super-creepy Sandra Lee from Semi-Homemade to figure it out). I'm not sure if I can wait for the next holiday or major occasion to make this - I might make it this weekend (if not tonight!).

Yum! Head over to Mint for a downloadable recipe card for this cake. Thanks, Ellie (and your Aunt Anita too!).

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