Thoughts for a Monday

How utterly appropriate is this image for a Monday morning?

Photo from ffffound! via Brown Button

So hello. Good morning. Welcome back from the weekend, dears. This was a busy weekend for me: wedding festivities, helping friends move and so on, all the while battling various maladies. (Yes, I am still sick. Boo hoo.)

But, now that it's Monday, I need to get a move on and re-start the week with some vigor. I'm planning on taking a Bikram yoga class tonight (yikes - let's hope my sick [and desperately out of shape] body holds up!). Maybe the excessive sweating and stretching will get me going for a productive week. (Our maybe my ass will slightly decrease in size; let's be honest; that's the real goal here...)

I definitely need to get back into gear now that summer and its big events are over, and since fall is truly upon us now. No more excuses! With that being said, here are some thoughts for this Monday morning...

All text/images above from ffffound!

So with that being said, happy week everyone! (And more posts to come later today...)

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