Sigg water bottles: busted for BPAs

Evidently, chucking your Nalgene bottles for (supposedly) BPA-free alternatives like SIGG bottles is no longer good enough. The Swiss maker of SIGG has admitted that the interior lining of their aluminum bottles does indeed contain BPAs (which are unhealthy plastic compounds that can be leached into your drinking water). Looks like it's time to find yet another alternative to hold your water.

I'd love these lovelies for my house (ahem...great gift idea!), but since glass isn't the best for toting around town, I might check out the Kor One Hydration Vessel. Isn't it purty?:

I could definitely take that with me to Bikram.

I've also heard the Klean Kanteen is a good stainless steel option:

Anyone have any thoughts on BPA-free water bottles? Do you like the Kor or Klean Kanteen options? Any others I missed?

Thanks to Talk Like A Gentleman for the heads-up on SIGG's use of BPAs.

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