Not so hot.

Photo by Ruven Afandor

Today has been a bad day. After all my musings on a Monday earlier today, it seems I was completely full of shit. (Please pardon the language. In a bad place right now.) Blogger admittance: I wrote that Monday post on Sunday night, back when I was feeling optimistic about today, I suppose, and pre-scheduled it to go up this morning. That's how it works in blogland. (Hope I didn't just disillusion anyone.)

So, full disclosure, today I woke up late, got nothing done, still can't breathe. What am I doing with myself? When will I actually start to do something about getting a new job? Have I really scoured the listings? (Well, I've looked somewhat. The prospects are dismal. Makes me want to look even less.) And in terms of this little blog-venture here, I love blogging but am thinking maybe I should stop - maybe it's just too self-obsessed and too self-indulgent. "Is anyone actually reading my blog?" "Do they like it?" "Why don't I get many reader comments?" "Let me post about myself and what I like, as if anyone cares."Sorry for the negativity. I promise I have some nice, bright, frothy posts to go up tomorrow. But in the meantime, I had to vent. Please excuse my honesty and my indulgence.

I am on my way to Bikram now. I'm hoping I will actually make it through and that my clogged-up bronchia will hold up. Perhaps the rush of endorphins (and 90 minutes of extreme heat) will brighten my outlook a bit. Until then, have a good night and blog ya later... Check out the bright and cheery chevron images below - maybe they'll brighten your day. Thanks for reading and sorry again for the downer post.


  1. Don't stop blogging. It's a highlight of my day.

  2. We're reading! (C, F, & P)