IQ-killa (alternately titled "VMA highlights") (alternately, alternately titled "no, I am not a 13-year-old girl")

I know, I know: I can't believe I'm actually posting about something that happened at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (aka the VMAs, for those of you older folks out there...Mom). I've had my scary pre-teen moments on this blog (posting about something I saw on Justin Timberlake's website [what?- it was a cool topic!]), but I wanted to at least give a quick shout-out to Pink for her surprisingly decent trapeze performance.

A video of the performance in case you're really interested:

As someone who actually does aerial, I have to give it to her for doing an okay job of trucking up at least 25 feet and doing some basic tricks. Thanks for bringing trapeze to the mainstream and for doing it decently, Pink!

And since I'm not even going to comment on the whole Kanye West/Taylor Swift debacle, instead I'll just post this funny "to do list from Kanye" that I saw on Twitter the other day:

So there you have it. My two-cents about the 2009 MTV VMAs. Hopefully all this Bikram I've been doing will offset the stupidity I've just exerted in even writing this post. :)

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