Motivation on a Monday

This seems very appropriate for a Monday.

Getting a bit of a late start today after a great weekend and thought this next find seemed just right for a Monday morn. How cute is this illustration from Mary Kate McDevitt's Etsy shop? At only $5, it would be great for a little office decor or just a bright daily reminder somewhere in your house. I know I could certainly use seeing this sentiment every now and again (and isn't it so true?).

Originally seen on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Funny side story: we have a magnetic notepad on our fridge with to-do items and little reminders written on there for B and me. Sometime in the past year, one of our houseguests (unbeknownst to us) added in his or her own list item. A few weeks ago, I glanced at the list and noticed the addition. Our fancies-themselves-funny guest had anonymously added in this to-do item exactly as follows:

Cross off list item

Pretty funny. Whoever you are (Mike C?), thanks for a laugh.

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