Thanks from last week

My other bestie from college (not the one who lives in New York, the one who lives in Florida with her hubs and new baby) was in Maryland last week (before we left for Maine) for her grandfather's 100th birthday, so I got to spend the day with her and her six-month-old baby. We had a fabulous day; it was great to see her again and to hang out poolside on Gibson Island, sipping piƱa coladas and playing with her son and extended family. They talked me into staying for dinner with them (my arm barely had to be touched, let alone twisted) and I had a delicious seafood risotto. Mmm, I love risotto.

Overall such a good day. I only wish I could see my studying-for-the-bar-while-rearing-a-child friend more often! Covi, thank you for a lovely visit! (I would post a picture of her adorable child, but I don't think it's right to do so without the parent's permission. If she's okay with it, I'll put up a pic of the extreme cuteness that is squishy-faced Finn sometime soon...) Anyway, just wanted to say hi, Cov, and thanks for a lovely day, which transitioned into my lovely trip to Maine.

Whew! After all this gallavanting about, I am finally back in town (for the rest of this week, at least, until we head out again for Labor Day weekend!). I promise I will try to be back to posting again regularly!

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