Skull and bones (not really, just a skull)

Happy October 1st! Even though I blogged about Halloween/fall decorations a few weeks ago, I wanted to wait until it was officially fall and officially the month of the Halloween holiday before putting out my "Halloween decorations." You know, like waiting until five o'clock to drink...

Anyway, when I say "my Halloween decorations," I actually really mean just one sole mini-pumpkin made of orange plastic that is maybe 3" x 3" total. I'm not one for major holiday decorations of any sorts, but this little guy did look pretty measly by himself on our mantel.

So imagine my excitement when, at Marshall's today, I found a silver glittered skull for less than 10 bucks (kinda similar to the one above, which is actually from Pottery Barn).

Even better, not only did this new Halloween accoutrement look awesome added to our dining room table, but it turns out Martha's Craft Dept. and I are on pretty much the same page with this Halloween decoration. Behold:

Score. Currently patting myself on the back for newest holiday addition and for only spending eight bucks to get it. Now if only Target would slow their roll with putting out Christmas cards already, I would feel much better.

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