Sweet dreams are made of these

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Good morrrrrning everyone (all three of you) and happy Friday! I know you're all at work and didn't get to sleep in this morning but just remember that tomorrow's Saturday - prime sleeping in day - and Sunday is the end of Daylight Savings Time so you get an extra hour of sleep - woohoo! But since you can't catch your ZZZs right now (well, except you, Sara, napper of the world), I wanted to bring you these hilarious "dream soliloquies" from B, who is one of the most entertaining sleepers/dreamers I've ever met.

Here's his most recent sleep-talking:

B: mumble mumble mumble. Dash S.
Me: what did you just say?
B: it's a Spanish-speaking book.

Then there was this fun one at 4 in the morning:

B: You had an alien probe. You should tell your brother that you got a mobile phone.
Me: I already have an iPhone, babe.
B: Yeah, my baby's got a new mobile phone. Mo-biiiiiiiiiillle.
B (singing this time): My baby's got a mobile phone. She can be anywhere and find it. She thinks it's Thursday, no, wait, Friday.
Me: What???
B: --- (silently sleeping again.)

And finally, this is what I got earlier this week when I woke up with no covers:

Me: you stole all the covers babe.
B (dead asleep): the Girl Scouts did it.

:) Aww, don't be mad at me, babe - these were too good not to share! I will have more for you all later if you liked these. Trust me, B is a font of entertaining sleep-talking so I'm sure there will be future funny ramblimgs. TGIF, y'all!

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