Custom party horns

Photo by Bonnie Tsang, as found on Design Crush.

Holy guacamole, I am head over heels for these DIY party blowers. I'm already plotting what type of party I can throw in the near future so that I have an excuse to make these. Birthday party? New Year's Eve? Hump Day? (Okay, maybe not that one.)

I lurrrv the pretty papers they've used for the horns in the photo and I adore that they're totally customizable to match your theme/event/look. Do you think they'd be too much at a wedding? Maybe I'll make some just to have around the house and to harken our small achievements:
"You did the dishes!" Toot!
"I paid the cable bill!" Toot!
"We managed to make dinner without using the microwave!" Double toot!
Hmm, B probably wouldn't appreciate that much regalia. I guess I better start planning a celebration of some sort straight away... Any thoughts?

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