Two girls, one balloon

Okay, sorry for the bad joke in the post title. I assure you this post has nothing to do with girls or cups or dirty, dirty websites, I swear...

Photo from J'adore Sofia, via The White Balloon

Before I get into this fascinating story, I wanted to share that I read about it on For Me, For You and that Kate (the blogger) did a fabulous job describing it. I will do my best to explain it myself, but thank you to Kate for sharing this!

So here goes: Radiolab, on public radio WNYC, aired a show about an English girl named Laura Buxton. At just shy of 10 years old, she released a balloon with a small label reading "please return to Laura Buxton" on it. The balloon drifted approx. 140 miles to another part of England and landed in the yard of another 10-year-old girl...who was also named Laura Buxton. Even crazier, when the girls wrote each other (and finally met), they realized that they looked alike, dressed alike and had almost identical pets. Crazy, no? What are the odds?

I wanted to hear the details from the two Lauras directly, so I listened to the complete story online here:

Definitely take a listen if you have a minute...very interesting stuff!

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