Adler's animals

Good morning! Did everyone have a good weekend? I hope you had a fun one, despite what seemed like a constant downpour (at least here in MD). Since this weekend was a bit gloomy, I wanted to start the day off on a cheery note, so here are some adorable items (I think) for a Monday morning:

Honestly, how cute are the latest Jonathan Adler creations? (And how cute is JA himself? I adore him, as well as his hubby, the ineffable Simon Doonan of Barneys New York.) I especially like these two new Adler home goods:

This giraffe lamp would be great in a baby's or kid's room, but I think it could even work in my homestead. It's way beyond my price range, but if Target makes a knockoff (as they so brilliantly often do), I'm picturing it in my entryway - maybe even with the white lampshade switched out for a colorful one. What do you think - too crazy?

These dachshund bookends are super cute too. And brilliant that they're being sold through Barnes & Noble - easily accessible and right in time for the holidays!

Funny that the king of colorful kitsch also does all-white ceramics so elegantly!

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