What Happens In Vegas...should be in my closet

So What Happens In Vegas was no cinematic masterpiece, for sure. But Cameron Diaz looked H-O-T throughout the whole thing, even when she was pretending to be some financial shark (seriously? Cameron Diaz as a stock broker?....Riiiight). Anyway, the movie happened to be on HBO the other night and I caught a few scenes again. I couldn't get over how cute the wardrobe for Cameron (aka "Joy" in the movie) was! Here are a few of her get-ups from the movie:

And my personal fave, which, despite a solid 30 minutes of Googling and Binging, I could not find a better picture of:

It was a very cute outfit, which "Joy" supposedly wore during the day at her office retreat. It was very wearable; in fact, I could totally be rocking it right now...if I had her stock broker salary and if I were ever brave enough to rock white pants (plus we're past Labor Day - shoot!).

So what about you? Any movie characters' wardrobes you wish you had? And please don't say Carrie Bradshaw: it's a bit predictable and let's be honest - what New Yorker actually gallivants around the city in (basically) her underwear and four-inch heels? My best friend lives in NYC and I know she's rocking pants and flip flops on her way to work!

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