Invisible man

I received all of these photos through a forwarded email (what? an actual good forwarded email? shocking!) and there was no photo credit included. Please let me know if you know who shot these and I'll immediately include the credit(s)...

See if you can spot Liu Bolin, a 36-year-old Chinese artist - often called the "invisible man" - in this series of photos:

Look at the front left tire of this bulldozer. Wow.

Pretty incredible, no? “Some people call me the invisible man, but for me it’s what is not seen in a picture which is really what tells the story,” Mr Bolin told the UK’s Telegraph. “I experienced the dark side of society, without social relations, and had a feeling that no one cared about me, I felt myself unnecessary in this world." Mr Liu cites his work as a protest against the Chinese government, which shut down his Beijing art studio in 2005.

Mr. Liu creates these painted-man scenes all over the world, including Beijing, London and Paris. In each of these places, people passing by often don't notice him in the setting until he moves. He says getting painted can take more than 10 hours at a time. Photographs of his work are currently on display at the YU Gallery in Paris. What an amazing way to demonstrate his beliefs. Very cool. Sad that the Chinese government does not value this extremely talented individual and artists in general.

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