How to share baked goods like a crazy person

Photos from P.S., Paper Source's blog

Don't be misled by this post title - I was more than excited when I found this idea for decorating a brownie tray - it's just that it's absolutely tailor-made for crazy people only. I mean, for most folks, baking brownies (or any other baked good or food for that matter) to bring to an event or to share with friends is a nice enough gesture. But for the crazy person - that overachieving friend/sorority sister/PTA mom we all know, Martha Stewart, sometimes me - it also needs to be transported in style.

Well, thanks to Kristen of Paper Source, I now know what to do.

Kristen was bringing her souped-up brownies (box mix plus espresso powder and walnuts) to a BBQ and didn't want to leave behind her own dish/tray, so she bought one of those disposable aluminum trays (they're about two bucks at the grocery store). But, of course they're not very attractive, so she wrapped the tray with cheery wrapping paper and double-stick tape (see above), threw in some coordinating paper napkins (of course they matched) and she was all set. Oh and don't forget a layer of wax or parchment paper along the bottom to prevent the brownies from leaving grease marks on the wrapping paper. Good tip.

Seriously, my snarky tone may belie my adoration for this project, but I am definitely planning on doing this in the future. I'm thinking I'll make these Halloween whoopie pies and bring them on a tray decorated with black and silver skull paper for a Halloween party...You could also totally steal this idea for any holiday or event - just switch up your paper choice. Love it!

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