Ooh baby baby, ooh baby babycakes

Cookbook available on Amazon

BabyCakes NYC founder, Erin McKenna, with Martha!

She's been on Martha. Multiple times. Gwyneth has blogged about her. But who cares if even Oprah, Obama and Madonna were all to espouse her baked goodies (not sure if they've even tried them, but follow along with me here, I swear I'm going somewhere with this...), the point is that she makes delicious, beautiful, vegan, (mostly) gluten- and sugar-free baked goods. Hello! Gluten- and sugar-free? What?!?! So who is this mystery baking genius and what's the bakery? It's Erin McKenna and her stores are called Babycakes.

I haven't tried anything from her cookbook yet or been to either the bakery in NYC or the one in LA, but after reading about these goodies from Gwynnie herself, you can bet I'm going to stop by the NYC location the next time I'm in town and I'm even tempted to pick up the cookbook and try this out myself. And I won't even feel the slightest bit guilty about my indulgence. Yum!

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