That's my croquembouche

Photo from OC's Finest

I already feel the need to throw some kind of party so that I have an excuse to make these, and now I have another obsession to add to the party-bling list. I hope my friends are excited for this as-yet-to-be-named party, because it's going to be exciting. So what's the new obsession you ask?

Croquembouche. Say what? It means "crunch in the mouth" in French.

Photo from Gourmet Traveller

As you can see from the photos above, it's an incredible tower of delectable goodies. It usually requires an intricate process of making your own profiteroles or choux, which you then assemble to make the beautiful croquembouche. However, I recently saw an episode of - ugh, I'm embarrassed to say this - Katie Brown's Workshop (I was flipping through the channels! I randomly saw it! ) (And sorry to be a negative Nancy, but she gets on my nerves. Too perky and down-homey. My apologies, KB; I'm sure you're very nice.) where she had a brilliant shortcut (I'll admit it, it was good). Instead of making her own choux, she used donut holes. Love it! She simply stuck the donut holes on toothpicks into a wax-papered covered styrofoam cone. She also peppered in fresh fruit and some greenery. Incredible. I am so doing that.

So when's the party?

Suggestions welcome: what kind of fete should I have to use the lovely party horn and croquembouche ideas? Anyone in need of a wedding shower? I'm at your service. Comments, please. I need ideas! :)

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