Business in bamboo

I've been blogging and working on my laptop from my couch lately and it's the worst habit ever. I swear, I feel as though I've developed severe neck cramps and carpal tunnel (not to mention couch-potato butt) out of nowhere.

I need to get back in the habit of working from my desk, which is positioned next to a window and could be quite lovely, were it not for the giant printer taking up the whole thing. Wouldn't this space be the perfect place to get in some writing (or whatever business you're working on)?

Photo from House Beautiful, via 6th Street Design School blog.

Something about all the dove gray and white, with the tiny pop of pink from the flowers, makes it so soft and inviting. And the bamboo chair and zebra curtains make me swoon. Those two elements are by far my favorite part of this photo. I'd switch out the lamp base for something less hotel-ish, but otherwise this scene is so perfect! I think I could really get some work done there...or just be happy looking around at my pretty little desk area.

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