More, more, macarons

I thought everyone in the world knew about the adorable deliciousness that is a macaron. However, in talking to my friend Sara the other day, I realized most people know macaroons (two "o"s), the coconut things, and not macarons (one "o"), the tiny, perfect, French confections made from eggs, almonds and sugar.

Ladurée in Paris is widely considered the gold standard for macarons. Bien sur, when their shop looks like this:

(Photo by Sweet Arrogance via Flickr)

And they're no one-trick ponies - check out their vast flavor offerings:

There is of course a stateside offering as well - Paulette's in California has lovely macarons as well, and they ship!

With all the being said, I was super excited when I recently saw these at Williams-Sonoma:

How cute! And just in time for Valentine's Day! I wonder if they taste as delicious as their French counterparts...

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  1. oh my word. i'm likely to lose sleep over that flavor chart... but now i'm curious, what are macaroOns then, those coconut things? i thought macaroons were, umm, macarons. or was it the other way around...

    oh now i'm just confused. ;D

    incredible, incroyable little things!