Make it work, season 7!

I almost totally forgot - Season 7 of Project Runway starts tonight! I'm setting my DVR right now to make sure it records at 10pm (I'll be at aerial dance class tonight - #2 of the new year - woohoo!). Are you going to check out this new season of PR?

I thought last season was kind of a snooze (thank goodness for DVR and fast forwarding!), but maybe I was still a bit bitter over the move from Bravo (fun!) to Lifetime (ew!). That, or, it was just kind of a boring cast in general. Oh and I'm still regaining my non-nauseousness after seeing Heidi's neon pink geriatric suit from the finale:


Anyway, don't think that all that smack-talk means I won't be watching this season. I can't wait! Here's hoping this season is a good one...

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