I. Want. In. (alternately titled "bring Jukari to Annapolis!")

Confession: I hate (hate) working out. Not that this is a secret, but it's certainly true. I do looove the aerial dance class I've started up again (after seven months off - ugh!), but doesn't this look so fun too?:

It's called Jukari (it's actually called Jukari Fit to Fly, but let's just stick with Jukari for now), and it's borne out of a collaboration between Reebok and Cirque Du Soleil.

The moves - which include jumping, swinging, leaping and good old conditioning - target the whole body and give you a serious cardiovascular workout as well as muscle toning /building, but the key for me is that it just looks really fun.

These moves look pretty entertaining, and much better than hoofing it on a boring treadmill:

The workout takes place on the "FlySet," which is a steel bar attached by two loops to a rope, which is fixed to the ceiling with a 360 degress swivel, meaning you can not only hang from it, climb on it, but also move with it.

Especially now that the New Year is upon us, and B and I have committed to a beach house in August, I need to get my behind in gear. So if Jukari will make me look like Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marissa Miller (below), I'm in.

Unfortunately, Jukari is only available in LA and NY right now (and internationally, but I'm not jet-setting these days), so I'm out of luck for now, but hopefully it'll come to little ol' Annapolis sometime soon. Hey, if we have pole dancing classes, aerial dance, and Zumba all over the place, can't we get Jukari too?

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