Undercover brother?

Photos from CBS

I know this is super dorky of me, AND we've been watching less TV to boot, but I'm really siked to check out the show Undercover Boss. The teaser previews are on CBS now and the show premieres after the Super Bowl in February (2/7).

The "plot" is brilliant: C-level executives go undercover in their own companies and work alongside their employees (often the lowest level workers) without the employees knowing who the exec is. The first episode has the President and C.O.O. of Waste Management actually cleaning out porta-potties, collecting trash from a landfill, and so on.

It's a genius marketing scheme for the companies participating, too - free PR for the execs who are willing to do this, and even better PR if they seem like approachable, nice people while doing it.

I've already set my DVR. Now I'm just interested to see how the episode with the CEO of Hooters goes...

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