Obama's State of the Union Address: we'd all have been drunk

Totally late to the game here. Why didn't I find this fun political drinking game until after the State of the Union Address? This is too funny not to skim through these rules (oh, but please don't get worked into a lather either way - have a sense of humor about this - it's meant to be for fun, not politically charged...).

That being said, I present to you, the State of the Union Address Drinking Game 2010:


(Sorry for the slight blurriness of the rules. Read on anyway, I swear it's amusing.)

Hilarious right? Democrat, Republican, Anarchist, whatever; you've got to at least admit that Nancy Pelosi does a lot of vigorous clapping. :)

Photo of President Obama from the Huffington Post. Drinking game rules found on i suwanee (though I believe they were adapted from the HuffPost article anyway).

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  1. Hahahaha! You KNOW I love this. Watching Biden and Pelosi in the background is def my favorite part!