You be triflin'

For the wine judging we're throwing this weekend (read more about it here), I'm thinking of making a trifle. I've never made one, but it doesn't seem too hard, and it's soo pretty. Here's the ideal looking trifle:

From Marta Stewart of course.

I'm sure in reality mine would look more like this:

Inspiration and possible recipe from Marta Writes.

Note that the second one is not from Martha, it's from Marta. It's too perfect, really: Martha's is made with fruit; Marta's with candy. Martha's is perfectly evenly layered; Marta's is a bit haphazard. Martha's has liquer-soaked cake; Marta's uses regular ol' brownies made from a box mix. I love Marta. :)

So what do you think, friends (I'm looking at you, S and S)? Should I attempt a trifle for Sunday's party? Or is that just too much after copious glasses of red wine? I'd also need to buy a trifle dish, but that's another story...


  1. In an effort to not work today, I'm going to comment on every one of your posts today. In regard to this, I think it is a LOVELY idea, but I'd worry that serving would get a bit messy... especially since everyone would be liquored up. But maybe the messy part = fun?!

  2. I like the candy trifle.

  3. Can you add cheese curls to the Marta triffle? That would be my ideal meal.