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I don't think most people are as obsessed with sending real mail - actual letters with handwriting and stamps - as I am, but I like everything about it. Selecting just the right stationery, taking the time to sit down and write by hand, dropping the note into the mailbox and eagerly waiting to hear that the recipient got it; it's all so personal and thoughtful. Did you ever notice that choosing the right stamp is like the icing on the cake? Take a look at these pretty examples:

Perfectly coordinated Greta Garbo stamp from Neither Snow Calligraphy

A cluster of vintage stamps from B Dunlap

Since the postage rate rose so much in the past few years (and I was not a fan of the eternity stamp's look), I have a bunch of outdated stamps, like these:

How cute are these children's book illustrated animals stamps? I have to use two when I mail a letter with them, but they're perfect for my friends and family members who are teachers or have kids.

These are my favorites from 2009. I'm just crossing my fingers that the rate stays at 44 cents for a while...

These dragonfly stamps were also beautiful, but at 62 cents each, I felt kind of wasteful using one on a single letter (though it didn't stop me!).

Now that 2010 is here, that means the USPS is releasing new stamps. I'm loving these newly issued stamps, all available here:

So hopefully next time you write a birthday card in June, you'll think about this before you slap on that old Christmas stamp and mail it out. :)

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  1. Speaking of real mail, I can't believe I never thanked you for sending me my dress and that lovely little card!!! It made my day when it arrived, so thank you!!