Orange you glad you saw this Stanlee Gatti party?

Isn't this set-up that Stanlee Gatti put together for the San Francisco Opera Ball gorgeous?

The table setting is in traditional Italian style and the words written on the back wall are “Long Live the Songbird” (alluding to the opera's performers), but the real star of the show, for me at least, is the numerous garlands of greenery and oranges hung above the tables. Can you imagine how romantic it must have been to sit under those aromatic swaths? The pop of color from them is so beautiful too.

I honestly think this is a great idea for any event. It wouldn't be that hard to do (right? hmm...) and it would be an amazing touch for a wedding, rehearsal dinner or even a very fancy dinner party. I'm not sure if I have the balls to give it a try, but I love the idea of it.

Photo originally found on Oh Happy Day!, where Jordan has worked with Stanlee Gotti on some of his events - lucky girl!

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