Puj baby bath tub

Lest you were scarred from this abomination yesterday, here's a little something to hopefully make you feel a bit more clean:

I don't have les bébés of my own yet, but I have a lot of friends/un-in-laws who are expecting, and I thought this new baby tub was super cute. The Puj baby bath tub is made of a soft foamy material that folds down completely flat for easy storing, it's antibacterial, and it fits easily into any sink. Supposedly it makes the whole bathing process much easier (but don't ask me, I wouldn't even know where to begin).

So, not only does it sound like a great tub, but I also think I've found the first-ever redhead baby that I find to be totally adorable:

Photo from Blonde Designs

Isn't he so cute?! (Though he does not appear to be a true ginger, so that helps.)

Anyhoo, back to the true subject of this post: you can go to the Puj site for a video, more info, or to buy one.

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